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1/4 Size In stock

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The 1/4 Kebaartmate is the perfect entry product for most newcomers to the values of stretching paper. Compact and light weight and great value, it is  easily portable and perfect for the intrepid traveller /plainair painter. You will find it  easy to take to pieces, fold down and pack into your travel bag  particularly when using it without the base board. Using the Kebaartmate without a baseboard for stretching paper can help washes dry quicker. Strength of the paper  is excellent as the tension over the paper is so effective on Kebaartmates the surface becomes tight as a drum giving good support to any heavy handed artist!. No matter how heavy you work the  unique, easy to use tension controllers provide the right amount of tension you need over the surface. Now with the availability of the great value 'Upgrade Sets' its so easy to  use the different lengths to add to the 1/4 size to work bigger and bolder watercolours, canvases and silks in an instant ! Features New Bolt Covers and Key Holder